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Celebrating the Upcoming Holidays with an Up-to-Date Estate Plan

National Grandparents Day: Three Things to Consider Before You Make a Gift to Grandchildren

Christmas and birthday gifts can leave lasting impressions on your grandchildren, but you may want to provide them with a gift that can assist them in building a savings account, furthering their education, or purchasing their first home, to name just a few. We hope this information will assist you in analyzing the important details of making a gift that can often be overlooked.

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Use National Self-Care Month to Care for Your Future

The purpose of this observance is to raise awareness about the importance of regular self-care. What constitutes self-care can vary widely depending on who you are speaking to. Regardless of the exact definition, taking actions to prioritize self-care is essential to overall emotional and physical well-being and should be prioritized. You likely have an idea of what defines self-care and what self-care means to you, but you may be surprised to hear you could be missing the full picture.

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Hunger Action Month

Numerous methods exist to contribute to the mission of eradicating hunger in the United States. Meet with a qualified estate planning attorney to learn more about supporting charitable causes by incorporating charitable planning structures into your estate plan.

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