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An Estate Plan Is a Great Way for Clients to Give Thanks

Your Clients' Legacies: How DoThey Want to Be Remembered

As trusted advisors, we often discuss with our clients all aspects of the future, whether it be their financial future, the future support of their loved ones, or what the future will look like when they are no longer a part of it. Epitaph Day is an opportunity to center your discussionon how your clients would like to be remembered.

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The Real Story Behind TrustFund Kids

When we hear the phrase "trust fund kid," words like "entitled," "privileged," and "financially irresponsible" might come to mind. But another word we should associate with "trust fund kid" is "protected."

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This Thanksgiving We AreThankful for Your Collaboration

It is no secret that having a solid network of quality professionals allows us to address more than just one of our clients' concerns. It takes a team to plan for life's foreseen and unforeseen events. Working withquality professionals like you enables us to ensure that our clients are receiving the best possible comprehensive plan and that it is done the right way.

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