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Creating and Preserving Your Legacy with a Dynasty Trust

What Is a Dynasty Trust and Why Should You Consider One?

If you have significant wealth, one of the best ways to protect your family and transfer your wealth is through a dynasty trust. However, setting one up requires considerable financial and estate planning knowledge. Read more and decide if a dynasty trust is right for you.

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Successful Dynasty Trusts in History: The Rockefeller Family

Dynasty trusts have played a crucial role in preserving wealth and fostering a lasting financial legacy for many affluent families throughout history. One excellent example is the Rockefeller family, whose strategic use of dynasty trusts has made them one of the most prosperous and enduring family dynasties in the world.

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Generational Wealth throughAdoption and Dynasty Trusts

Dynasty trusts are mainly used to create a lasting financial legacy for multiple generations. This is a common strategy to ensure wealth is preserved and passed down over many lifetimes and stays within the bloodline. However, if the beneficiary does not have any descendants, other family members will likely inherit. If the beneficiary would like someone else to inherit, they may consider adopting that individual so that they will be considered a descendant.

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