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Estate Planning Lessons You Can Learn from These Famous Moms

Gloria Vanderbilt: No Trust Fund Kids for Her

Famous mom Gloria Vanderbilt was staunchly against trust funds for her kids. And at least one of them applauds her decision.

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Aretha Franklin: Too Much Estate Planning

Too little estate planning can put your heirs in a bind and tie up your estate in time-consuming and costly probate litigation. But as the legal saga of Aretha Franklin's estate shows, toomuch estate planning - in particular, planning that introduces uncertainty about your final wishes - can also be problematic.

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Lucille Ball: Dangers of Being the First to Die

Rankings of the best I Love Lucy episodes can be found across the web. There are also real-life lessons to learn from Lucille Ball, including from a lesser-known episode involving her daughter and her widower's second wife that provides important estate planning lessons about remarriage.

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